Jokes about clowns

“The clown and the singing contest”

Clown 1: I won second prize in a singing contest once!
Clown 2: Really? How many people were in the contest?
Clown 1: Two!
Clown 2: Uh huh. What did the winner sing?
Clown 1: Nothing! They just heard me sing, and they awarded him first prize!

“Holding a mirror in front of your face with your eyes closed”

Question: Why was Sparkle The Clown holding a mirror in front of her face with her eyes closed?
Answer: Because she wanted to see what she looked like when she was sleeping!

“Length of a clown’s nose”

Question: Why can’t clown noses be 12 inches long?
Answer: Because then they would be a foot!

“Clown weight lifting”

Clown 1: Did your mother lift weights, by any chance?
Clown 2: No, why do you ask?
Clown 1: Well, it seems that she’s raised one dumb bell.

“Boyfriend and girlfriend clown conversations”

Boy Clown: May I hold your hand??
Girl Clown: No thanks, it isn’t heavy.

Girl Clown: If we become engaged will you give me a ring??
Boy Clown: Sure, what’s your phone number??

Girl Clown: Hammer The Clown says I’m pretty. Big Shoes says I’m ugly. What do you think?
Boy Clown: I agree with both. You’re pretty ugly.

“Holes in the underwear”

Clown 1: Do you have holes in your underwear?
Clown 2: What an insult! Of course I don’t have holes in my underwear.
Clown 1: then how do you get your feet through?

“Eating a dollar bill”

Why did Rainbow The Clown eat a dollar bill?
Answer: It was his lunch money.


  1. i didn´t know that there are jokes about clowns xD my favourite is the second :)

  2. me encanta saber que en Portugal hay humor! la broma muy buena! larga vida al payaso!

  3. Gracias! (Até há comentários em espanhol! Mt bem! "Larga vida al payaso!") Gracias!;D