The clown's clothing

Clowns are popular for their very peculiar way of clothing and their interesting make-up.

The big red nose and the colored wigs are what they are more recognised for.

The shoes play such an important role in a clown’s costume. The bigger, the better. That way, the goofy posture is maintained in order to captivate children’s attention. Shoes can come in several colors.

Big and baggy pants are another of the clown‘s signature appearance. Clowns can also wear suspenders. Usually, the pants are short enough for the clown to show his long striped socks that are, in most cases, different from each other.

Shirts are always extremely colorful and fun. Clowns can also wear hats, in order to create a funnier look and carry big bags or suitcases, where they keep inside the props used in their acting numbers.

As far as girl clowns go, they can dress just like the male clowns or they can wear big colorful dresses with long socks and big shoes. The hair is usually in two pigtails or frech-braids.


  1. Is curious how so many people- children or not- want to dress like clowns! :D

  2. I also want some shoes like that! jiji